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About the Software

MyDynamicSite.com uses software that is available freely, modular and powerful. By eliminating a proprietary base (like FrontPage, Adobe Contribute, etc), turnover at a business or organization is never a hindrance to keeping content maintained.

By building the website on a web-based foundation, there's no software for the owner or user to purchase, install, configure, and master! MyDynamicSites can be administered from any computer with a web browser.

Because the dashboard is web-based, it has a common look and feel to many other web applications users are familiar with. Have you sent a web-based email? That's how easy it is to write and format the content of your website.

But better than self-made sites, many of which are dependent on the design talents of the users, your MyDynamicSite is formatted and designed as a template, so all of the font styles, backgrounds, etc are foolproof. You can't "break" the look with your content, no matter who is writing and editing.

About the Designs

MyDynamicSite.com uses high-quality graphics and cutting-edge design techniques. Because we're invested in your success, we want your website to be organized and programmed with the best possible Search Engine Ranking in mind. Organization of the website (and the resulting display of the information to search engine readers) is a key factor in ranking. We keep this in mind as we use only CSS based, valid, accessible XHTML. (That's a techie sentence meaning "we make sure it's clean, error free and handicap-accessible text readers (like those that read websites to the blind) will find your information well-organized and legible")